Summer Wine Secrets . . .

April 16, 2015

Wine Recipes  

Summer Wine Secrets . . .

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       Summer is around the corner, why not get creative with your wine.          Try one of these drinks!

        1. From Wine Racks Blog, try a drink that will make you go “plum crazy”. 

        Mix your favorite white zinfandel + plum liqueur (crazy right?!), add a little lemon soda water topped with a lemon rind! 

         2. Want to stick with the wine + liqueur combinations? 

               Start with 4 cups wine

                                1–2 cups chopped fruit

                                2 tablespoons brandy

                                2 tablespoons simple syrup

                                sparkling water to taste.

          3. Bring back the feeling of summer by making some adult 'wine pops'! Freeze Moscato with your favorite 'berries in pop molds.

                 Our version : 4 ounces of Moscato

                                        1 cup of berries

                                        1/2 cup of simple syrup

                                         Get the full recipe at the Design Files

           4. Cosmo provides 10 awesome hacks to improve the taste of boxed wines - but we think they will be perfect for any wine on a summer day. From making wine lemonades to blending, there's a recipe for every wine drinker.

                  One of our faves is the kalimotxo.

                         A Spanish favorite -  mix equal parts red wine and cola over ice. It's that easy!

                         It's an interesting twist on the traditional wine spritzer.

        Remember to remove sulfites from your wine with Oen Drop before    making any of these recipes. Don't wine without Oendrop!

               What's your summer wine secret?

Jerry Patel
Jerry Patel


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